Part 2: Where Do The Top Free Agents Land?

This is the year of the QBs, one big name being Tom Brady. Whether or not your team needs a QB, this is still a great off-season for other positions. In the last article I wrote, I broke down where Free Agents by the likes of where Tom Brady, Amari Cooper, and others land. In this article, we break down where the other round of Free Agents sign.

Derrick Henry: Tennessee Titans. Henry was nothing short of fantastic for the Titans last season, playing a big part in their deep playoff run. The former Heisman winner totaled 1,540 yards and 16 TDs on 303 carries. He could look to reset the RB market for the better with his next contract, and if he does, we could see multiple other RBs get paid as well.

Yannick Ngakoue: Buffalo Bills. Ngakoue has been rumored to receive a huge payday this off-season, specifically $22M annually, but it won’t be from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has made it known that he no longer has interest in playing for the team. So who signs Ngakoue?

The Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has a need to fill at the pass rusher position, and he could be a huge upgrade over who Buffalo has right now. Ngakoue would be able to work with the likes of Jerry Hughes & HC Sean McDermott, and who wouldn’t like that?

Byron Jones: Philadelphia Eagles. One of the Eagles’ weakest positions has been their secondary. They’ve tried drafting, signing, acquiring players, but nothing has seemed to work. However, Jones may be different, as he’s been one of the better corners in the league. He is up for a big payday this off-season, and with $41M in cap space, Philly will have plenty to pay him.

Shaq Barrett: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Barrett was been one of the biggest surprises last season. After signing a 1 year, “prove it” contract, he totaled 58 tackles, 19.5 sacks, and 1 INT last season. Tampa will most likely give him the franchise tag before Free Agency begins, but they’ll probably sign him to a bigger contract after that.

Melvin Gordon: Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have needed that star RB for a bit now, and with the Pro Bowl running back most likely out of LA, Gordon would be a good option for the reigning Super Bowl champs. The Chiefs only have $13.6M cap space before their projected cuts, which would make this signing Gordon tough, but I could still see it happening, for one reason. In the new CBA, the salary cap is expected to rise to $200M, which would give the Chiefs plenty of money to invest in a talent like him.

HM: Brandon Scherff: Washington Redskins. The Redskins are expected to use their franchise tag on the star lineman. Scherff plays a big part to their offense with Trent Williams holding out. With many big questions surrounding their OL, the former Iowa product should be the only lock here. If Washington can work out a long-term deal, it could make him one of the league’s highest paid linemen.

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