Preston’s Picks: Week 3 (Part 1)

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We’ve reached week 3 of the season already, and while last week might not have been as entertaining as week 1, there was still plenty of action. There was a shootout in the desert that ended tragically, Lamar finally beat his kryptonite, and Justin Fields took over the reigns in Chicago. Let’s jump right in, but with a little spice: Exactly 20 words per pick, no more, no less.

Cumulative Records

Preston: 18-14

TSW Followers: 18-14

Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans

Houston has exceeded expectations, but the new look Panthers are dangerous and will have no problem cleaning up the Texans.

Prediction: Panthers 23, Texans 13

Followers: Panthers 84%

Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes has never lost two games in a row and he will take care of business against a familiar foe (Rhyming unintended).

Prediction: Chiefs 31, Chargers 24

Followers: Chiefs 84%

Arizona Cardinals vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Kyler and the Cards keep rolling as Urban Meyer’s seat gets warmer. T-Law struggles to cope with a rough start.

K1 hit the Baby Yoda celebration after scoring last Sunday

Prediction: Cardinals 35, Jaguars 13

Followers: Cardinals 95%

Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns

Fields pulls off a miracle in first ever start as Bears defense steps up, despite being gashed on the ground.

Prediction: Bears 23, Browns 20

Followers: Browns 84%

Washington Football Team vs Buffalo Bills

No more Heinecke magic as Josh Allen returns to near-MVP form against a sturdy Washington defense in a blowout win.

Josh Allen will be just fine despite early season concerns

Prediction: Bills 38, WFT 17

Followers: Bills 85%

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans

Nobody has any clue whatsoever how this game will go, but with a stroke of luck, I back the Colts.

Prediction: Colts 28, Titans 27

Followers: Titans 79%

New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots

Both teams are pretenders with above average rosters. Nonetheless, the Patriots secondary will eat up Jamies and his infamous interceptions.

Prediction: Patriots 20, Saints 13

Followers: Patriots 52%

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants

Two winless searching to get back on course collide in the most boring game of the week. Close Giants win.

Prediction: Giants 24, Falcons 20

Followers: Giants 53%

Preston Helfand
I'm a high school student in San Diego, CA, and I enjoy writing in my spare time. I'm originally from Chicago and love all things Chicago, except for the White Sox. I also support the Chiefs and the Royals. Fire GarPax. Nobody cares, work harder.

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