Preston’s Picks: Week 7

Another week, another set of games. Let’s cut the chit chat and jump right in. Typical 20-word rules.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans

Bang average 3-3 Chiefs look to pick up an impressive road win in what looks to be a high-scoring shootout.

Prediction: Chiefs 38, Titans 35

Followers: Chiefs 62%

Washington Football Team vs Green Bay Packers

ARod and the Pack look to continue the successful farewell tour against a comfortable opponent, home in the Lambeau tundra.

Prediction: Packers 27, WFT 16

Followers: Packers 92%

Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

For once this game looks to be an exciting divisional matchup, with AFC North first place at stake in Baltimore.

Prediction: Bengals 24, Ravens 20

Followers: Ravens 74%

Carolina Panthers vs New York Giants

An absolute tossup between a flailing team and an underachieving one; good QB play is the secret to winning here.

Prediction: Giants 23, Panthers 17

Followers: Panthers 82%

Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins

Another random game the football gods have gifted us with the most minimal relevance, only worth watching for Fantasy purposes.

Prediction: Falcons 29, Dolphins 23

Followers: Falcons 59%

New York Jets vs New England Patriots

The Pats should beat up on NY in typical fashion, but does Zach Wilson have a miracle up his sleeve?

Prediction: Patriots 20, Jets 17

Followers: Patriots 87%

Philadelphia Eagles vs Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders look to move past Gruden controversy with another win against statline standout Jalen Hurts and rest of the birds.

Prediction: Raiders 30, Eagles 20

Followers: Raiders 73%

Detroit Lions vs Los Angeles Rams

The so-called “Jared Goff revenge game” sees the Rams as a dominant favorite, rightly so against a miserable Lions squad.

Prediction: Rams 34, Lions 14

Followers: Rams 93%

Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite several key injuries, Tampa looks for revenge as a monster favorite. Hopefully Brady keeps track of downs this time.

Prediction: Buccaneers 23, Bears 13

Followers: Buccaneers 91%

Houston Texans vs Arizona Cardinals

Only a fool would bet against the surging undefeated Cardinals in this matchup against one of the league’s basement dwellers.

Prediction: Cardinals 42, Texans 13

Followers: Cardinals 96%

Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers

Two middle of the pack teams seek to establish some consistency in a Sunday night clash. Sneaky upside to impress.

Prediction: 49ers 24, Colts 17

Followers: 49ers 55%

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks

Two more bewittlingly average teams face off in primetime; should be a close game bit both teams have loose-cannon tendencies.

Prediction: Seahawks 27, Saints 21

Followers: Saints 64%

Preston Helfand
I'm a high school student in San Diego, CA, and I enjoy writing in my spare time. I'm originally from Chicago and love all things Chicago, except for the White Sox. I also support the Chiefs and the Royals. Fire GarPax. Nobody cares, work harder.

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