QB Rankings – AFC West

Part 2 of 8 of the QB Rankings series. In this article, we will be focusing on the AFC West.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and solely based off of 2019 performances.

1st – Patrick Mahomes | 2nd overall

2019 Stats – 4,031 yards | 65.9 pct | 26 pass TD – 2 rush TD | 5 INT | 2 FUM

This young quarterback is so much fun to watch. Week to week, the Super Bowl MVP is always putting on a show with either his legs or his arm. Mahomes would’ve been more impressive if it wasn’t for a dislocated kneecap. Is he better than Lamar?

I think Jackson has the better set of wheels, but the 2018 NFL MVP is also one of the best in the league right now. 2020 should be another fun season filled with jukes and Hail Maries from the young phenom. He will play even better than he did this year because he has a championship to defend.  

2nd – Derek Carr | 17th overall

2019 Stats – 4,054 yards | 70.4 pct | 21 pass TD – 2 rush TD | 8 INT | 3 FUM

Derek Carr had a career year, completing 70 percent of his throws. On top of that, Carr threw for a career high 4,054 yards. His career has been a little shaky and it’s unclear how long he will be in Las Vegas for. If he proved himself to Head Coach Jon Gruden, then he should be there for some time. Whether or not he stays with the Raiders, the stats prove that he has the potential to succeed. Maybe a playoff appearance and win will prove that he is a franchise quarterback? 

3rd – Philip Rivers | 21st overall

2019 Stats – 4,615 yards | 66.0 pct | 23 pass TD – 0 rush TD | 20 INT | 3 FUM 

2019 was a very rough year for the veteran quarterback. The former Charger had more interceptions than touchdowns in the second half of the year (13 INT/ 11 TD). It wasn’t a winning season as well, so his exit from Los Angeles wasn’t very unexpected. Despite throwing for over 4,500 yards, he still didn’t do enough to prove that he is the Chargers’ guy.

It also wasn’t a good showing after an 11-5 record the previous season. It’s unclear as to where Rivers will play in 2020 or if he will ever play again. A team in the quarterback market might sign for mentoring purposes only, which would keep the veteran on the sidelines until retirement.

4th – Drew Lock | 27th overall

2019 Stats – 1,020 yards | 64.1 pct | 7 pass TD – 0 rush TD | 3 INT | 1 FUM 

Is Denver happy? Are they upset? Is this young star the next Peyton Manning? Only time will tell, but Lock certainly does have some potential. With 5 games of NFL experience, however, there is certainly room for development.

The Broncos might continue with Lock under center because it’s uncertain if veteran Joe Flacco will take over again. A new offensive coordinator in Pat Shurmur is also in play for the second year quarterback. I’d like to see what Lock can do with the Broncos, who have emerging talent on the offense, while as playing a full season.

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