Ranking Running Backs- AFC North Edition

Welcome back to another ranking series, this time featuring the Running Back position. The AFC North had strong running backs so this was a difficult list to rank but let’s get right to it.

1st – Nick Chubb

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns

2019 Stats – 1494 rush yards | 5.0 avg | 8 TD | 36 rec | 278 rec yards

Chubb was a bright spot on what was an otherwise disappointing Browns offense. With the 23rd-ranked offensive line, Chubb finished 2nd in rushing yards. Even with Kareem Hunt in the lineup, his production didn’t drop off. Chubb was a little inconsistent towards the end of the season, especially in the last two games, but from Week 4 to Week 15, Chubb had 7 games with over 100 yards including his big 165 eye-opener against the Ravens.

With the Browns spending big money on their offensive line this offseason and with the hiring of Stefanski (who loves his running backs), Chubb should only get better, which is a scary sight for the rest of the league.

2nd – Joe Mixon

NFL: International Series-Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams

2019 stats – 1137 yards | 4.1 avg |  5 TD | 35 rec | 287 rec yards | 3 TD

Mixon, with one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, managed to finish in the top 10 for rushing yards. The former Oklahoma product was lined up to have a big year last season, but the loss of two linemen before the season started was a detrimental for the Bengals.

However, Mixon still had a big year. The touchdowns weren’t there but the yardage certainly was, even with the terrible QB play that allowed teams to run-commit. Now with Heisman winner Joe Burrow reportedly on his way to Cincy along with an improvement in the O-Line, Mixon should be in for a bigger year come 2020.

3rd – Mark Ingram


2019 stats – 1018 yards | 5.0 avg | 10 TD| 26 rec | 247 rec yards | 5 TD

Since Lamar can’t be classified as a running back, we will have to settle for Mark Ingram in the rankings. Ingram looked new and improved this past season in the Ravens system. However, I believe his stats are also due to this system that the Ravens implemented, as anyone of those Ravens running backs could succeed if given the opportunity.

For example, Gus Edwards averaged more yards per carry. This is why I have Ingram ranked lower due to the system. However, take nothing away from Ingram, as he was an integral part of the dominant Ravens offense and proved all his naysayers wrong, revitalizing his career in this Baltimore offense.

4th – James Conner


2019 stats – 464 yards | 4.0 avg | 4 TD | 34 rec | 251 rec yards | 3 TD

There is not much to say. It was another injury-plagued year for James Conner as he only played 10 games. Conner is a great running back when healthy, but he is yet to play a full season. The Steelers have one of the best systems for running backs, as they can throw anybody in there and they will most likely be a great running back (D’Angelo Williams,transition from Bell to Conner).

I believe that the committee that the Steelers reverted to last season is the best move for this team going forward, as in their system, an injury to a running back will not affect their offense.

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