Ronnie Perkins Scouting Report

Perkins is a unicorn in the sense that he has started since his true freshman season at Oklahoma. In fact, he has been dominating since his freshman season. Ronnie is a pro ready defensive end with a high ceiling. He’s a polished run defender who warrants a ton of chips and double teams in that facet of the game. As a pass rusher, he shows great hand usage with counters and pass rush moves.

College: Oklahoma

Position: Defensive End

Number: #7

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 247 lbs

2018 Stats: 14 games played/17 SOLO/37 TOTAL/8 TFL/5 Sacks

2019 Stats: 12 games played/28 SOLO/38 TOTAL/13.5 TFL/6 Sacks

2020 Stats: 6 games played/13 SOLO/20 TOTAL/10.5 TFL/5.5 Sacks

Oklahoma’s Ronnie Perkins (7) celebrates during the Big 12 Championship Game between the University of Oklahoma Sooners (OU) and the Baylor University Bears at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019. Oklahoma won 30-23. [Bryan Terry/The Oklahoman]


1.Perkins is a technician in the passing game. He shows great variety in his pass rush moves and an effective leverage rusher. Ronnie has thick arms that carry a lot of power with them. He throws back tackles off the LOS and uses their balance complications to stab and cut.

2.Lateral mobility is a definite strength of Ronnie’s. He shows great athleticism to cut off the edge and has a pretty wide tackle radius because of it.

3.Ronnie has a great motor off the edge. He is relentless as a pass rusher and won’t stop until the QB is down. In the run game, if a back can somehow get past him, he shows great pursuit to the backside.


1.Perkins is not very consistent off the line. There are some quarters where he is far and away the first off the ball and there are some quarters where he looks like he is waiting for the tackle to move before he gets off.

2.Despite the athleticism, Ronnie doesn’t have great bend off the edge. He shows stiffness in his bottom half and needs to work more on bending his legs and dipping his shoulders.


Of all the defensive ends in the draft, Perkins might be the safest pick. He can come in and contribute right away and has a high ceiling in the NFL. He got better each year in college and was flat out dominate in his 2020 season. Any team that gets his should feel comfortable starting him early and should feel excited about the upside.

Draft Projection: Second Round

Pro Comparison: Jerry Hughes

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