Super Bowl LV Preview and Predictions

After an upset in Lambeau Field and a convincing victory in Kansas City, the Super Bowl matchup is set. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will host the Super Bowl and will be facing off the Kansas City Chiefs. This game will have some of the greatest offensive players in the game facing off against each other. Patrick Mahomes who the current best quarterback gets to throw the ball to the dominant Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, gets to throw to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and other notable weapons. Both teams with the chance to add to the legacy of their franchise by taking the Lombardi trophy. Who will be victorious in Super Bowl LV?!

My Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 38, Buccaneers 27

This is a highly anticipated quarterback matchup in a Super Bowl. It will also be an exciting rematch of the regular season game in Tampa. During their first match up Tyreek had over 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter. This begs the question if the Buccaneers have an answer for Tryeek. Furthermore, these question marks for the Buccs defense becomes more prevalent as they have notable injuries. Both of their starting safeties, as well as line baker Levante David, are doubtful/questionable for the game. With these possible holes on defense it will make it much easier for Tyreek Hill to have another field day with this defense. Alongside Tyreek is Travis Kelce, who adds another layer for this damaged defense to deal with. Having such dominant weapons has been very useful to Mahomes in his post season career. Over the last two playoffs, the Cheifs put up at least 30 points when Mahomes plays a full game.

Along with having to slow down the dominant Chiefs offense with notable defensive injuries, Tom Brady has to play an elite four quarters of football. In the game vs the Packers, Tom Brady had a tail of two halves. During the first half of football Tom Brady played on a dominant level with three touchdowns without any interceptions. In the second half he played poorly with three interceptions and zero touchdown passes. Tom Brady will likely need to keep up with the electrifying Chiefs offense, and he certainly has the weapons to do so. However, he will need to play consistently and have one of his best Super Bowl performances to win this game. It is unlikely any defense in the league can truly slow down this Chiefs offense, especially with injuries all over the secondary. 

Buccaneers Path to an Upset:

The biggest question mark surrounding the Chiefs heading into this game is injuries at the offensive line. The way the Buccaneers can make up for the injuries and weaknesses in the secondary, they must apply pressure to Mahomes. If they can consistently keep getting hits throughout the game to rattle Mahomes, they may inevitably force a mistake. The next key to success for the Buccaneers defense is to force field goals in the red zone. The Chiefs have been inconsistent in the red zone during the regular season and is their only true weakness offensively. Although it was not an issue against the Bills, the Buccaneers need a game plan to make the Chiefs repeat their regular season weaknesses. 

In the end I do believe the Chiefs will have a victory over the Buccaneers and it will leave the rest of the NFL with questions on how to slow down Mahomes and that offense. However, Brady is not someone to doubt in a Super Bowl game and will give the Chiefs a run for their money!

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