Patrick Surtain II Scouting Report

Patrick Surtain II may be the best cornerback in this draft class. His incredible technique may be the best in this class. He was able to lock down almost every receiver in college, to the point where Surtain II had more forced incompletions (13) than catches allowed this season(12) while in single coverage. He was barely targeted last season even with those forced incompletions and catches, which was mainly because of an incredible sophomore campaign where he broke out as one of the top defensive players in college football. Surtain II’s mistakes are rare, and while he did have a couple of problems in college he showed his ability to grow and was able to correct most of these flaws by his junior season.

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Dylan Moses Scouting Report

The leader at the helm of the 2020 Alabama defense, Dylan Moses, can’t prove much more than he already has. He’s a 2-time national champion, in 2018 he was a second-team All-American and second-team All-SEC player, and even while battling injuries all through 2020 he still was put on the All-SEC first team. He’s shown he’s capable of taking on a leadership role, which is a trait strongly desired at the linebacker position. He provided great run support to the Bama defense, and his ability to fill running lanes was a huge play disruptor. He doesn’t recognize plays as fast as NFL teams may want him to, but he’s usually still able to make a tackle using his freakish athleticism. Teams may have questions about his block shedding as well, but Moses is a player that’s shown he can develop his game quickly, so this shouldn’t be as glaring of an issue going forward. Coaching staff love a coachable player such as Moses, and his skill set makes him a day one player in the draft.

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