Chazz Surratt Scouting Report

The former quarterback converted linebacker Chazz Surratt has a lot to bring to the table. In his first two years playing linebacker at North Carolina, Surratt made the All-SEC First Team twice and totaled 206 tackles. His impact on the North Carolina defense was tremendous, and the effect was felt as soon as he made the position switch. His great run support and zone coverage ability have put him on the radar as one of the more underrated linebackers in the class. However he’s not perfect of course, his speed and size are below average, but his instincts help make up for this flaw. He also struggles when tackling sometimes which is a red flag for a lot of teams. Even with these concerns, the talent and upside are there for Surratt. Good linebackers are in high demand in the NFL right now, and if Surratt makes the transition well, he can be elite.

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