Dylan Moses Scouting Report

The leader at the helm of the 2020 Alabama defense, Dylan Moses, can’t prove much more than he already has. He’s a 2-time national champion, in 2018 he was a second-team All-American and second-team All-SEC player, and even while battling injuries all through 2020 he still was put on the All-SEC first team. He’s shown he’s capable of taking on a leadership role, which is a trait strongly desired at the linebacker position. He provided great run support to the Bama defense, and his ability to fill running lanes was a huge play disruptor. He doesn’t recognize plays as fast as NFL teams may want him to, but he’s usually still able to make a tackle using his freakish athleticism. Teams may have questions about his block shedding as well, but Moses is a player that’s shown he can develop his game quickly, so this shouldn’t be as glaring of an issue going forward. Coaching staff love a coachable player such as Moses, and his skill set makes him a day one player in the draft.

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