Terrace Marshall Jr. Scouting Report

The third member of LSU’s historical 2019 wide receiver, Terrace Marshall Jr. is primed and ready to roll in the NFL. He’s a complete receiver in all facets of the game and stood out even when third in line to Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. He will undoubtedly be the third incredible receiver from the 2019 LSU team.

College: LSU

Position: Wide Receiver

Number: #6

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 200 lbs

2019 Stats: 11 games played/46 receptions/671 receiving yards/13 receiving touchdowns/14.6 yards per catch

2020 Stats: 7 games played/48 receptions/731 receiving yards/10 receiving touchdowns/15.2 yards per catch


1.Terrace Marshall Jr. is an incredibly smooth mover. He just looks like he is gliding through his routes and makes every move he makes look like art. His route running is clean and he can consistently create separation at the top of his routes. His hips move very well and he can distort his body through routes without looking choppy.

2.Marshall is a playmaker at all levels of the field. He isn’t leaving a trail of smoke behind him to get behind the secondary and he isn’t a physical player in the mid-levels like Rashod Bateman, but he always seems to get to where he needs to be and is an above-average tracker while the ball is in the air. He can stretch the field and run all routes asked of him.

3.Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrace Marshall Jr. are all excellent after the catch but Marshall Jr. might make the case to be the best one. He is so decisive in the open field and always knows where in the secondary to attack. He knows when and were to go limp and no one seems to be able to tackle him once moving with a full head of steam.


1.Marshall Jr. had drop issues early in the 2020 season. They seemed to resolve themself as the season went on but it was an issue at the beginning of the season nonetheless. He’s got soft hands and is super plucky in the end zone. He just isn’t always the most consistent when it comes to catching. He has shown instances of brick hands before.

2.In his 6’3″ 200-pound frame, I expect a little more as a blocker. He is willing but doesn’t always put the elbow grease required into it. This can be fixed at the next level but is something that could use some polish in the NFL.


Terrace Marshall Jr. is a complete receiver and flat-out playmaker who will be great in any scheme in the NFL. He is capable of being a good WR1 or could be one of the best WR2 in the league. This was an incredible 2019 LSU team and Terrace Marshall Jr. was a very underrated part of it. He should warrant valuable draft capital from NFL teams

Draft Projection: First Round

Pro Comparison: A.J. Green

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