The Answer to Sam Darold’s Future

What if I told you there was a move Joe Douglas could make right now to determine the fate of Sam Darnold?

Well, there is.

Allen Robinson is upset with the Bears’ lack of progress on an extension for the 27-year-old wideout. Although he has not requested a trade, given the Bears stance and refusal to pay the market price of him, it looks to be only a matter of time before Robinson is moved.

Entering his seventh year in the NFL, Robinson has been dealt a poor hand; four years in Jacksonville with now free-agent quarterback Blake Bortles, and beginning his third year in Chicago with Mitchell Trubisky. Just 62% of Robinson’s targets have been deemed “catchable” (PFF) since entering the league in 2014. That ranks 95th out of 100 qualifiers.

Obviously not ideal.

Despite his talent being stunted by poor quarterback play, Robinson still holds the following franchise records:

Most receiving touchdowns in a season (JAX)

Most receiving touchdowns in a game (JAX)

Most games with at least 150 receiving yards in a single season (JAX)

Most games with multiple touchdown receptions in a single season (JAX)

Most receptions in a playoff game (tied) (CHI)

Most receiving yards in a playoff game (CHI)

Robinson is also the only active receiver to have a 1,400 yard and 14 touchdown season to his name.

Good size at 6’2 220 lbs, great route running and catching abilities, and incredible stats to back up his game. He checks every box for what qualities Sam Darnold has needed in a receiver.

This move can do two things:

  1. Spark the breakout of Sam Darnold. Acquiring a weapon like Allen Robinson is setting Darnold up for success. No more coverage sacks. No more “nobody can get open” and no more “nobody can catch” excuses.
  2. Sam Darnold busts. With a weapon like Robinson filling Darnold’s deepest need and weakness, there are no more excuses. There will be a point where Jets fans have to think “you need to eventually learn to play consistently even without great weapons.” If he isn’t playing consistently even after acquiring Robinson, the question swirling in every Jets fan’s head right now should be answered.

These talks will almost definitely result in a trade or letting Robinson hit the open market in 2021. What would you give up to get Sam a #1 receiver?


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