The Henry Ruggs case is concluding

The ongoing case involving Henry Ruggs III is close to being resolved. Ruggs’ actions allegedly resulted in the death of 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog in a fatal car accident. Reportedly, He was driving drunk coming back from a night at Top Golf, going 156 MPH. Tintor’s car caught on fire, and she burned to death.

The Coroner’s Office also determined that significant conditions contributing to Tintor’s death “were inhalation of products of combustion, fractures of the nasal bones, right-sided ribs and left forearm, and a left hemothorax.”

Shortly after, the Las Vegas Raiders released Ruggs, and his career was derailed. For the last 18 months, he’s been on house arrest in which alcohol checks were included. It was also reported that Ruggs obtained permission to leave his house twice a week for three hours at a time to work out at a training facility for pro athletes.

Now, the main reason why this case has taken so long has been the political factors. There has been a debate for months on what judge would rule the case. Mainly due to the fact that Henry Ruggs’ legal team tried to block Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman from presiding over the case.

The attempted blocking of Zimmerman was unsuccessful, as she will be the judge who will rule the case. She’s overseen all DUI cases in Las Vegas and has also transferred all her other cases over to a different judge in order to focus on Ruggs’ case.

It has been reported that Henry Ruggs intends to plead guilty to DUI, ultimately resulting in death. He is due in court on May 10th, and his plea will lead to a prison sentence of three to ten years. Ruggs could’ve faced up to 50 years in prison but as a part of his plea, multiple charges will be dropped.

“Other charges will be dismissed, including felony reckless driving, driving under the influence causing substantial injury to Ruggs’ girlfriend, Je’nai Kilgo-Washington, and a misdemeanor gun charge. Police said they found a loaded handgun in Ruggs’ demolished Chevrolet Corvette after the crash.”

Will Ruggs play again?

Henry Ruggs has been asked many times if he’ll ever step out on the field again, and he remains uncertain. If I’m being honest, I doubt he comes back to the league, let alone be given the chance. He made a choice that greatly impacted a family, took a young woman’s life, and diminished everything he had and worked for.

I want to end this article by saying I wish the best for Tina Tintor’s family, as no one should ever have to go through losing their daughter.

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