The Importance of this Postseason for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most talented Quarterbacks of all time, and currently on the verge of winning his third MVP. He has put up an incredible 48 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions this season after taking down the Bears in week 17. Rodgers led the Packers to a 13-3 season and are the first seed in the NFC. This postseason has put Rodgers in a position to elevate his legacy even more.

The Packers proved to be the most complete team in the NFC after their victory over the Titans. Their weakness during the season was playing teams with strong rushing attacks and a winning record but despite this, the Packers were one of only six teams to hold Derrick Henry to under 100 yards rushing this season. Furthermore, the Packers put the criticism to rest about their ability to beat winning teams by blowing the Titans out for 26 points. With the Packers clearing up many question marks and many other NFC powerhouses showing immense weaknesses, Aaron Rodgers has very little excuse to not make it to the Super Bowl this postseason.

The Saints are dealing with Drew Brees coming fresh off an injury and has been limited in throwing the football deep all season. The lack of versatility for the Saints’ offense makes them a more vulnerable team. The Seattle Seahawks have been dealing with inconsistent play by the defense, and the offensive line has made Russell Wilson’s job very difficult. The Buccaneers have dealt with inconsistent play on both sides of the ball all season. Furthermore, there have been questions about the chemistry between Bruce Arians and Tom Brady. The lack of an offensive identity and the injury to Mike Evans leaves a big question mark for Tampa Bay. The most dangerous team to the Packers remaining are the Rams, however, Jared Goff has been extremely shaky as of late and they rely on their defense too heavily.

The weaknesses presented by the other NFC teams looking to make a real push in the playoffs is something Rodgers needs to take advantage of this post-season. Green Bay goes into the playoffs needing to win two games at home in one of the most prolific stadiums in football history to make it to the Super Bowl. This advantage, as well as being a part of the most complete team in the NFC, puts Rodgers in the best position to elevate his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. It would be further elevated with a Super Bowl victory while also winning an MVP for the regular season. Aaron Rodgers holds his legacy in his hands more than ever this postseason, will he take advantage?

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