The Taysom Hill Market

Taysom Hill is one of the most intriguing players in the NFL. He played quarterback at BYU, suffered many injuries which hurt his draft stock, and went undrafted in 2017. Hill signed with the Packers that May but was later waived in September. The following day, he was claimed off waivers by the New Orleans Saints, and has had two successful seasons with the Saints even though he is technically the third string quarterback.

Hill has moved around on the field, playing quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, running back, and special teams. He will be entering the offseason as an unrestricted free agent (it’s important to note that he will be turning 30 in August). The former quarterback is a very well-rounded player and can be a great pickup for a team this offseason, but where will he go? 


The Saints have a very sticky situation on their hands entering this offseason. All three of their quarterbacks are entering the offseason as free agents. Drew Brees is also getting very old with the thought of retiring getting closer and closer. Teddy Bridgewater, who played in Brees’ absence, also is hitting the market and is a top target for multiple teams. He played exceptionally well and can be the future of the Saints.

But, the Saints could go in a completely different path and have Hill be the QB of the future. Although he is not that young, he is very athletic and can still throw the ball well. The Saints could also resign him and continue to use him as a utility player. This wouldn’t be a bad idea considering that he is quite talented when it comes to catching, routes, and rushing. 


Near the beginning of the season, the Colts looked like they would have a rebound year because Andrew Luck was returning. But then he shocked most of the world by retiring at the age of 29. Although this was a major blow, they still had Jacoby Brissett, who had a bright future. That once bright future suddenly got dimmer as the season went on.

The Colts went on to finish 7-9, coming in third place in their division. Although Brissett didn’t have a bad season, the Colts seem as though they want to move away from him and find a franchise quarterback. Hill to the Colts would be a risky move, but it could pay off because of how athletic Taysom is. Don’t be surprised if you see number 7 on the Colts next season.


Just a year after the Raiders went 4-12, they made major strides and picked up some important pieces. Although the AB scenario didn’t work out, they still found some hope on this team. They improved by 3 wins and are showing potential. But, they have another quarterback situation on their hands.

It was reported that the Raiders are looking to move away from Derek Carr and get a quarterback with more upside. Taysom Hill is on the rise, and Jon Gruden could easily coach him up to become a better quarterback. He is very different from the past quarterbacks that they’ve had so it would be interesting to see how he would fit in.


This is a wild prediction and I personally would love to see it. Tom Brady joins another team (LA Chargers) and Bill Belichick signs Taysom to become their new franchise QB. This would be a crazy signing, and who better to coach up Hill than Belichick and Josh McDaniels (if he stays).

This is a crazy prediction and I personally don’t see it happening. Although, they could sign him and turn him into a permanent wide receiver. They changed Edelman into a great wideout and maybe they can do that with Hill. 


Sean Payton finds a way to resign all of their quarterbacks and continues to use Taysom Hill as a utility player. Teddy Bridgewater is their quarterback of the future and I don’t see them changing that for the likes of Hill. Don’t be surprised if he signs with another team where he can show off his quarterback skills more. 

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