The Top Receivers in the NFL Today Ranked

The wide receiver position is one of the most important on the team. They are often among the quickest to be praised or criticized depending on the situation, and they usually are common visitors to the highlight reels and legendary plays that can go as far as to define entire franchises. From Jerry Rice, to Randy Moss, to Larry Fitzgerald, to Calvin Johnson, the receiver position comes in many different shapes, sizes, and personalities. So who are atop the list of the current wide receiver landscape in the NFL? It is a hotly debated topic filled with tons of bias and an overflow of conflicting stats and opinions. There will never be one agreed answer, that is certain. In my opinion though, this is the ranking of the current best receivers in the National Football League.

1. Justin Jefferson

Nowhere in the league will you find someone as impactful on the game at receiver as Jefferson, he does everything well and is a major reason that the Vikings are hosting a playoff game. The first three years of his career have been unmatched by anyone in NFL history, and they are only a precursor to what he can accomplish in the long term. Posting 1400 yards as a rookie, before eclipsing 1600 the year after, and most recently a franchise record 1809 yards in only his age 23 season. Some unbelievable numbers and records for the young superstar and his highlight reel catches have single-handedly won games for the Vikings on multiple occasions. Debate all you want, but the true best receiver in the NFL is #18 for the Minnesota Vikings

2. Tyreek Hill

Is there anyone more feared by opposing defensive coordinators than Tyreek Hill? I don’t really think so, he can take the top off of a defense and his latest season in Miami proved that he wasn’t just a product of Patrick Mahomes’ greatness either as he posted career highs in yards, targets, and receptions. The Cheetah has made seven pro bowls in seven seasons and is about as reliable as they come. His deep-threat ability means that he is always a defensive blunder away from scoring 6 points in the blink of an eye. He deserves this spot here at #2.

3. Davante Adams

A staple of efficiency and greatness for the last half-decade, it is hard to find someone who gets the ball more often than Adams. His last five seasons include four in which he had over 1300 yards and 10 touchdowns. You can’t ask for much more than that, and he did that while missing time in multiple seasons as well. When he’s healthy, he has always been his quarterback’s best friend. He was one of the very few bright spots on the Raiders this year, and his impact can be unmatched when he’s locked in. When in doubt, look for #17.

4. Cooper Kupp

Kupp had one of the best, if not the best receiving season of all time in 2021. He posted over 1900 yards and 16 touchdowns while winning Super Bowl MVP and coming 3rd in MVP voting overall. While he was on his way to another great season this year, he suffered an injury that cut it short. His only reason for not being higher is the fact that he has only two 1000-yard seasons in his career, though he likely would have more if not for season-ending injuries in multiple seasons. Matthew Stafford fed him in 2021, and he did not get let down for doing so. When he’s healthy, there is no one more likely to put up a 200-yard game in the entire NFL. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and we can see if he’s able to repeat his 2021 numbers and add to his impressive career.

5. Stefon Diggs

Josh Allen’s best friend has elevated his career since arriving in Buffalo. He helped Allen develop from a young star to a perennial MVP candidate and is a major reason for the Bills being Super Bowl favorites year in and year out. His consistent numbers of over 1200 yards, 100 receptions, and eight touchdowns in every season he has played in Buffalo has turned the Bills’ offense into a juggernaut. His locker room presence is felt by those who never get any closer to it than the bleachers, and his success warrants him a spot here at #5.

6. Ja’Marr Chase

The young Ja’Marr Chase has been Joe Burrow’s favorite target since they were carving up college defenses as LSU Tigers, rather than the Tigers in Cincy. All he has done since making the transition to the NFL is more of the same. He posted nearly 1500 yards and 13 touchdowns as a rookie, and while he missed six games as a sophomore, his per-game numbers show that this season could have had even better results over a full season sample size. The Bengals’ turnaround has a lot to do with him and his chemistry with Joe Burrow. Anyone who turns a bottom-feeder team into a Super Bowl-appearing one in just one season is worthy of this spot. He is the leader of arguably the league’s best receiving corps and most exciting young team.

7. A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown has made Howie Roseman very happy since the Philadelphia GM managed a trade for him from Tennessee in the off-season. He managed almost 1500 yards and 11 touchdowns as the top dog in Philly this season and was a huge reason for Jalen Hurts’ jump into superstardom. There are not many players who can hang with A.J. Brown’s pure strength and his ability to run with the best of them in addition make him a nightmare to opposing defenses. He is as steady as they come in his young career and has been a nice addition to an Eagles team with Super Bowl aspirations.

8. DeAndre Hopkins

After a down 2021 season, Hopkins missed more time in 2022 and had a poor QB situation on top of it. People seem to have forgotten about him, but it isn’t time for him to be outside of the top ten just yet. He has six seasons of 1000 yards or more, and some of those seasons are closer to 2000 than the prior. Some of the best hands of the generation, the right side of the most lopsided trade we have ever seen, and three straight first-team All-Pro selections highlight the career of Hopkins, and he still has plenty in the tank.

9. Ceedee Lamb

Have Cowboys fans ever let you forget any star player in the history of their franchise? The answer is no, but yet people sometimes overlook Ceedee since he was picked a few spots ahead of the guy who is #1 on this list. He has been a reliable target for Dak since he got drafted and got over some early career drop problems to fill the WR1 role to perfection in the absence of Amari Cooper this season. Lamb’s 1359 yards and 9 touchdowns in such a run-heavy offense are very solid, especially since he played a chunk of his season catching passes from Cooper Rush as well. He has his best seasons ahead of him, and he can quickly climb this list as he plays more games as the go-to guy for America’s Team.

10. Mike Evans

The final spot in the top ten was hotly debated, but I cannot argue with the consistency of Mike Evans. He has played nine NFL seasons. He has nine seasons of over 1000 yards receiving. You can’t ask for much more in the form of a jump ball receiver who is almost a lock to be healthy for an entire season for the most part. His stellar career is far from over, and he has earned his spot in the top ten with deadly consistency thus far in his NFL career. Just imagine how high he would be if he could get out of Marshon Lattimore’s shadow in those two games every year.

Honorable Mentions

The top ten was such a hard list to create that I figured I ought to add an honorable mentions list as well. That list became nearly possible to narrow down as well. That is such a credit to the number of superstar receivers there are currently in the NFL. Rather than make the honorable mentions list, I thought I would just instead compile the list of receivers I had ranked 11-25 below after much deliberation and comparison.

11. Deebo Samuel

12. Jaylen Waddle

13. Terry McLaurin

14. Amon Ra St. Brown

15. DK Metcalf

16. Amari Cooper

17. Chris Godwin

18. Mike Williams

19. Tee Higgins

20. Devonta Smith

21. Keenan Allen

22. Christian Kirk

23. Tyler Lockett

24. Chris Olave

25. Brandon Aiyuk

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