Three Week 9 Overreactions

Week 9 of the NFL Season came with a lot of surprises, including the Buffalo Bills defeating the Seattle Seahawks and Garrett Gilbert throwing for 243 yards and 1 TD against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. In this article we’ll be discussing 3 overreactions from the games this week.

  1. Russell Wilson is not an MVP. Wilson is everybody’s favorite for the MVP, but Sunday he didn’t look like one. Russell threw for 390 yards, 2 TDs, and had 4 turnovers against a defense that for the past few weeks, has been a complete disaster (18th ranked defense). Wilson looked like a defeated QB out there Sunday for the first time in years, something NFL fans aren’t used to seeing from him.
  2. The Buccaneers should’ve never signed Tom Brady. Yes, this may seem pretty crazy, but hear me out. The Buccaneers have one of the leagues best WR corps, a lot of depth at RB & TE, and a good OL room, but they just can’t consistently get in rhythm to be the league’s top team. They signed Tom Brady to a 2 year/$50M deal this offseason with hopes that he would have something left in the tank. But that’s just not the case. Brady and the Bucs offense are shaky every other week, Brady can’t hit the throws he used to make, and his receivers aren’t gelling together like some had hoped. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and soon it may be time for the Bucs to draft a young QB.
  3. The 49ers are better off without Jimmy Garoppolo. Yes, another one that may not sit right with NFL fans, especially 49ers fans, but it may be time. The 49ers gave Jimmy G a monster 5 year/$173M extension in hopes he would become their franchise QB for years to come, but at best he’s shown that he is an above average QB. They surrounded Garoppolo with some solid weapons, including Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Tevin Coleman. The team can cut/trade him with minimal dead cap, plus an extra 25M cap space to use to pay their young stars.

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