Trevon Moehrig-Woodard Scouting Report

Often going under the radar, safety is a position loaded with talent in the 2021 NFL Draft class, although kind of top-heavy. Among these elite-level prospects is Trevon Moehrig-Woodard, a safety who combines his physicality and length with football IQ unmatched by almost anyone in this draft class. He has incredible athleticism as well, a skill that helped him a lot at TCU. His skill set is something almost all NFL teams are looking for, and he will definitely be one of the first safeties taken because of it.

Trevon Moehrig-Woodard stats and measurables:

College: TCU

Position: Safety

Number: 7

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 208 lbs

2018: 11 Games/15 TOTAL/12 SOLO/1 TFL/1 INT/1 PD

2019:12 Games/62 TOTAL/43 SOLO/1.5 TFL/4 INT/11 PD/2 FF/1 FR

2020:10 Games/47 TOTAL/30 SOLO/2 TFL/2 INT/9 PD


1. Moehrig-Woodard’s best quality is probably his versatility. A versatile safety is in high demand in the NFL right now, as almost every defensive scheme requires a safety that can cover a receiver in man-to-man coverage, something Moehrig-Woodard does incredibly well. He doesn’t fall behind receivers often, and he uses his size well to knock receivers off their route. He really disrupts the opposing team’s passing game using his skillset which was a huge boost for TCU

2. Another thing that sets Moehrig-Woodard apart from other safeties in this class is his athleticism. He also has the best range and closing speed of any defensive back in this draft and it shows in his ability to excel in cover one shells, as it seems as if he can go from one side of the field to the other in the blink of an eye. It helps him a lot as he can basically cover the whole field when in zone coverage which really eliminates most of the holes created over the top. In man, he can stick with any receiver and can erase any separation created almost instantly.

3. Moehrig-Woodard’s tackling is phenomenal as well, and you rarely see ball carriers escape him once he locks in on you. He wraps up very well and his all-around good form allows him to jar the football loose often. Once he gets his hands on the ballcarrier the play is usually over, making it a lot easier for him to make plays consistently without any errors. 


1. The main area of concern in Moehrig-Woodard’s game is his angles to the ball. On occasion, his aggressiveness turns against him and he will end up in a bad position to tackle the ball carrier. When he does this it usually lets up a big play which usually results in points for the other team. This could for sure be corrected in the NFL, but it was definitely a noticeable problem for him in college.

2. Other than his tendency to have a bad angle toward the ball, Moehrig-Woodard can get a bit sloppy sometimes when it comes to covering double moves in man coverage. Although this is rarely a problem when Moehrig-Woodard does bite on the double move it usually ends up resulting in a big play for the offense and is something he needs to fix especially with the talent level of wide receivers in the NFL.

Closing Ideas

Trevon Moehrig-Woodard can end up being one of the better safeties we’ve seen in a couple of years, and with the right scheme fit, he may even develop into one of the top safeties in the league. With that, he does make a decent amount of mistakes that need to be taken care of but with the help of NFL coaches and staff, he hopefully will be able to reach his full potential and become an elite-level safety in this league for a long time.

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