Week 11 Stock UP/DOWN

After another entertaining week of football, I am back with another edition of Stock UP/DOWN.


Deshaun Watson – Watson had arguably his best game of the season against the Patriots, who just shut down Lamar Jackson. He shredded them through the air with 344 yards and 2 touchdowns along with 1 rushing touchdown. This game proved to the NFL world that he is indeed a top 5 quarterback and I expect another strong outing against the Lions on Thanksgiving day.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts forced 4 turnovers of the Packers who in the last 9 weeks, only had 5 total turnovers. Phillip Rivers played pretty good and Jonathan Taylor burst onto the scene as the RB1 this game as well. Although the holding calls were concerning, they fought through this and won a huge game against the Packers. This team and defense especially, is LEGIT.

Los Angeles Rams – This Rams defense shut down the Bucs run game and flustered Brady in the passing game. Goff put them in some tough positions with the interceptions he threw, but their secondary had a great game. Brady could not throw deep at all and the pass rush outside of Donald was effective. Kupp and Woods had arguably their best games as a pro and Goff was hitting some tough throws as well. If Goff shows some more consistency, the Rams may be a real dark horse this year.

Tennessee Titans – After losing a tough game to the Colts, this team bounced back big time against a struggling Ravens team. Henry had a great game with the winning touchdown in overtime and AJ Brown bounced back from his missed 73 yard touchdown catch and scored a tough touchdown to give the Titans a 3 point lead late in the fourth. This defense kept Lamar in check and punter Trevor Daniel had 2 great punts as well.


Green Bay Packers – The Packers have played really good football as of late, but against the Colts, we saw FOUR turnovers. This was completely unorthodox of what has been a pretty turnover free team. However, the fact that they only lost by three while playing this sloppy is a good sign, but they have to clean up these turnovers if they want to go to the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady – Brady played terrible football on Monday. He missed on several deep throws to Mike Evans and AB and overthrow Godwin on the game winning drive, a play that resulted in a pick. Brady has a 1-3 record in primetime throwing 5 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. This team has all the talent in the world, but the offense needs to get clicking if they want to make real noise in a competitive NFC.

Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have lost 3 out of their past 4 games and now sit at 3rd in the AFC North at a 6-4 record. They are missing a few big pieces defensively, but Lamar is yet ti prove he can show up in big games. This was yet another mediocre performance in a game that can be viewed as a must win one. It was promising to see Mark Andrews getting involved again along with Dez. A big matchup occurs on Thanksgiving where the Ravens take on the Steelers in what is a must win game for Baltimore if they want to make the playoffs.

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