Week 9 Stock UP/DOWN

Welcome to a new series on The Sports Wave called Stock Up or Stock Down. I will be analyzing what teams/players are on the rise and fall. In this edition, I will be discussing Week 9.

Stock UP

Josh Allen and the Bills – Many analysts have criticized Josh’s ability to win big games and perform against better teams and boy did he prove a lot of haters wrong on Sunday, including me. Granted the Seahawks defense is abysmal, Allen left no doubt in this game throwing for over 400 yards with an 81% completion percentage and accounting for 4 touchdowns. Now Allen needs to show this performance consistently against the better teams. The Bills defense also showed up big on Sunday as they forced 4 turnovers from Russell Wilson en route to a 44-34 win

Miami Dolphins – The Miami Dolphins are 5-3. If I told you that at the beginning of the season you would’ve laughed at me. Their defense has been forcing turnovers all year and although their defense hasn’t been particularly great, they get stops when needed. Tua looked great on Sunday compared to his debut a week ago and he did so without a consistent run game as well(Myles Gaskin injured). Brain Flores should be the Coach of The Year if the Dolphins maintain this streak. Overall, this Dolphins team may be a team to keep an eye down the stretch.

Dalvin Cook – After running all over the Packers a week ago, it was the Lions turn to face the wrath of Dalvin Cook. He had over 200 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns with an efficient 9.4 yards per carry. He leads the league in rushing with 858 yards despite playing 6.5 games compared to the 8 games second place holder Derrick Henry has played in. He leads running backs in total yards per game as well by 20 yards. He leads the league in rushing touchdowns and total touchdowns as well. Cook should be in the MVP race simplify for the fact that he has elevated this Vikings team to look like playoff contenders while without him, they looked like a junior varsity high school team.

New Orleans Saints – If the Saints play like this IN THE PLAYOFFS, no team could beat them, barring they face the Chiefs. This defense stifled Tom Brady and it seemed he was seeing ghosts out there with the 3 interceptions he threw. Most of his passing yards were in garbage time. Everybody on the Saints touched the ball as Brees to 12 different receivers. Also, new signing Kwon Alexander did not play which is a scary sight, considering how this unit looked on Sunday

Stock DOWN

Russell Wilson and Seattle Defense – Wilson is still an elite quarterback, but this game significantly hurt his MVP case. He had 4 total turnovers in a game decided by two scores. But his defense did him no favors. This Seattle defense is atrocious. This defense allows the most yards in the NFL by 40 yards. They are the worst passing defense in the league but are great against the run. However, in the NFC facing teams like the Packers, Cardinals, Saints, and Buccaneers, who all have elite quarterbacks and wide receivers, they will have their way with the Seattle defense and ultimately will put more pressure on Wilson to score. Norton needs to be fired immediately as he is a big part of this problem.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Although the Steelers are 8-0, they did almost let a fourth-string quarterback beat them as the Cowboys did lead for the majority of the game. However, it seems the Steelers play down to the teams’ levels as indicated by close games with the Jeff Driskel led Broncos, Wentz, and the Practice Squad Eagles and this past Sunday against Garret Gilbert and the Cowboys. The Steelers stock barely decreases and I want to see if they can repeat their performance against the Ravens to truly cement themselves as the top dog in the AFC

Tom Brady – If you combine Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, and Rob Gronkowski, surely you can score a touchdown. Well, Brady proved everybody wrong and scored 3 POINTS against the Saints. He threw three interceptions and for 200 yards, the majority of which came in garbage time. Brady has been a bit underwhelming this season compared to how the media has made him out to be barring two big games against the Raiders and Chargers, both defenses are not very good, but he has plenty of time to right the ship for a playoff run.

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