Week Fourteen Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

Rankings Based Solely on Week 14*

  1. Aaron Rodgers– Favored for MVP?
  2. Lamar Jackson– Superman TD pass
  3. Drew Lock– Where’s this been?
  4. Baker Mayfield– No shame loss
  5. Mitchell Trubisky– Watson of everybody
  6. Russell Wilson– He needed this
  7. Jalen Hurts– Goodbye Carson Wentz
  8. Josh Allen– Tremendous second half
  9. Taysom Hill– Don’t rush Brees
  10. Ryan Tannehill– Let Henry cook
  11. Phillip Rivers– Let Taylor cook
  12. Patrick Mahomes– Not his best
  13. Matthew Stafford– Jones caught it
  14. Tua Tagovailoa– Could’ve beat Mahomes
  15. Kyler Murray– Managed the game
  16. Andy Dalton– Cincy revenge game
  17. Tom Brady– Missed his men
  18. Justin Herbert– He should’ve lost
  19. Teddy Bridgewater– Tried his best
  20. Derek Carr– Weeks of failure
  21. Ben Roethlisberger– Fichtner must go
  22. Kirk Cousins– Too many sacks
  23. Deshaun Watson– Tired of inconsistency
  24. Nick Mullens– Stafford to 49ers
  25. Brandon Allen– Better than normal
  26. Gardner Minshew– Fields in sight
  27. Jared Goff– Managed the blowout
  28. Sam Darnold– Lawrence in sight
  29. Daniel Jones– Not the answer
  30. Matt Ryan– Time to go
  31. Cam Newton– Absolutely terrible quarterback
  32. Alex Smith– Praying for him

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