Week Seven Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

1. Joe Burrow– AFC North King

2. Matthew Stafford– One sided trade

3. Aaron Rodgers– Just having fun

4. Matt Ryan– Pitts is unstoppable 

5. Tom Brady– 600 career TDs

6. Kyler Murray– 8 and 0

7. Tua Tagovailoa– Almost led comeback

8. Derek Carr– All without Waller

9. Ryan Tannehill– Better than stats

10. Lamar Jackson– One good throw

11. Mac Jones– Still best rookie

12. Carson Wentz– Torrential rain game

13. Jameis Winston– Checkdown to Kamara 

14. Jalen Hurts– Missing big plays

15. Taylor Heinicke– 95 yards rushing

16. Daniel Jones– Nice catch Danny

17. Teddy Bridgewater– Very pedestrian game

18. Patrick Mahomes– Dazed and Confused 

19. Jared Goff– Threw kitchen sink

20. Geno Smith– One big throw

21. Case Keenum– Very boring win

22. Jimmy Garoppolo– Bring Lance back

23. Davis Mills– Watson must return

24. Mike White– This guy sucks

25. Sam Darnold– Benched for PB&JWalker

26. Justin Fields– Bring Dalton back


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