Week Thirteen Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

Rankings Based Solely on Week 13*

  1. Josh Allen– He’s something special
  2. Baker Mayfield– Another atrocious defense
  3. Aaron Rodgers– Bad man balls
  4. Taysom Hill– First quarterback statline 
  5. Matthew Stafford– He needed this 
  6. Derek Carr– Hail Mary saved
  7. Kirk Cousins– He likes Jefferson
  8. Patrick Mahomes– Should’ve challenged touchdown
  9. Ryan Tannehill– Almost came back
  10. Lamar Jackson– Running back game
  11. Kyler Murray– Playoff hopes dying
  12. Sam Darnold– Almost screwed tankjob 
  13. Ben Roethlisberger– Receivers keep dropping
  14. Phillip Rivers– Beat out Deshaun
  15. Jared Goff– Game manager plus
  16. Alex Smith– Dropped a dime
  17. Andy Dalton– We dem boyz
  18. Nick Mullens– What we expected
  19. Cam Newton– Managed the shutout
  20. Tua Tagovailoa– Very pedestrian win 
  21. Mitchell Trubisky– Better than expected
  22. Russell Wilson– Mighty have fallen
  23. Matt Ryan– Lost to Hill
  24. Drew Lock– Stood with Mahomes
  25. Deshaun Watson– This cannot happen
  26. Mike Glennon– Almost screwed tankjob
  27. Jalen Hurts– New Philly starter 
  28. Colt McCoy– Cannot believe it 
  29. Brian Allen– Yuck, yuck, yuck
  30. Justin Herbert– Shutout by 45

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