What Did Santa Deliver to NFL Fans This Year?

Hopefully, you got the PS5 or Xbox Series X or whatever you asked for. Santa was good to all the NFL fans around the world this year, delivering gifts of joy to all. But, as a fan of your favorite team, was it what you were asking for? Here I list all the gifts Santa left for all you fans. *Some of these gifts might have been delivered earlier in the year*

People React After DeAndre Hopkins Catches Kyler Murray Hail Mary | Complex

Arizona Cardinals – DeAndre Hopkins 

Jolly Ol’ Saint Bill dropped off his star wide receiver for a plate of cookies and milk for the Cardinals. I still think Santa Bill had too much eggnog…

Atlanta Falcons – Any Toy That Isn’t A Choking Hazard

To be honest, I don’t know what toy isn’t a choking hazard. Let’s just assume Santa left a cup or a new phone.

Baltimore Ravens – Lamar’s Speed 

He’s fast.

Buffalo Bills – AFC East Title 

What was on Bill fans’ wishlists was finally given: an AFC East title! Certainly, it’s a Christmas Bills fans won’t forget.

Is a lack of NFL coaching experience a problem for Matt Rhule? | PFN

Carolina Panthers – Matt Rhule 

Don’t worry Panthers, your time will come.

Chicago Bears – A Quarterback 

I’m joking, but they really do need a quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow

Ask for an offensive lineman next year to keep Burrow standing next year, please.

Cleveland Browns – A Winning Season 

Next Up: A Playoff Berth.

Never change, Cowboys fans, never change | The Coggin Toboggan

Dallas Cowboys – Slim Hopes for A Division Title?

Another horrible Christmas for Dallas Cowboy fans… makes my inner-Scrooge happy.

Denver Broncos – Their Future

I’m high on the Broncos, but Santa couldn’t give them a Christmas miracle this year.

Detroit Lions – No More Matt Patricia 

Next on Detroit’s to-do list: fix everything else.

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers

Everyone loves Rodgers when he’s in MVP form.

TD Wire: Arizona Cardinals should be thankful for Bill O'Brien

Houston Texans – No More Bill O’Brien 

Now it’s time to wish for the dumpster fire to be put out.

Indianapolis Colts – Another Old QB 

But seriously, please tell me they’re thinking of a QB for the future.

Jacksonville Jaguars – A Jets Win 

If things stand, then the Jaguars will get Trevor Lawrence. At least one team knows the art of tanking and how to do it properly…

Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

See Inside the New Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium | PEOPLE.com

Las Vegas Raiders – A New Stadium 

Fans are going to love the new stadium once they are allowed back in.

Los Angeles Chargers – A gift that is FULLY wrapped

If only they played the full game and stuck around for the full 60 minutes…

Los Angeles Rams – A New Stadium… As Well

Again, fans are going to love it.

Miami Dolphins – TUA TIME! 

Tua + Brain Flores? Come on.

Vikings' Justin Jefferson sets record straight after live mic catches him  frustrated with Kirk Cousins | Sporting News

Minnesota Vikings – Justin Jefferson

Playmaker. Solid Wide Receiver. What more could you ask for?

New England Patriots – Coal

The Patriots had their run of glory. But, now what?

New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees?

Hopefully, his lungs and ribs and his old body hold up for maybe another season or two?

New York Giants – A Legitimate Head Coach 

Giants fans are happy about Joe Judge, but a coach doesn’t play. Fix the team.

Jets fans in their own words: Why we approve of the tank

New York Jets – More Suffering 

A team that doesn’t lose when they win? They blew it.

Philadelphia Eagles – Jalen Hurts 

He revived the offense. Time to put their old toy, Carson Wentz, in the attic.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Juju Stopping His Pregame Dances 

Focus on the game now.

San Francisco 49ers – Next Year 

2020 wasn’t good for any of us, but there’s always next year Niners!

Packers climb back into NFC's 2nd seed after Seahawks' shocking loss to  Giants - Acme Packing Company

Seattle Seahawks – A CPR Device

Another year of close games and heart attacks for the Seattle fans. It hasn’t been pretty (losing to backup Colt McCoy and the Giants), but they made the playoffs! I still can’t buy into them…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tom Brady 

A winning season? Bucs fans can’t be any happier.

Tennessee Titans – Derrick Henry 

This is like getting the PS5, but with a car engine and other super-powered parts running it.

Washington Football Team – A Name? 

I mean…the Football Team? Next year ask Santa for a real team name.

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