What’s going on with the Seattle Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks came into this season with high expectations, and they haven’t quite lived up to them. Now, sitting at 4-8 & last place in the division, hope seems to be dwindling down for them. So, who would you put the blame on? Russell Wilson? Pete Carroll?

The Seahawks went into this season trying to push the Russell Wilson trade drama out of their heads & focus on football. Now, after returning from his injury, Russ has been nothing like we’ve seen him in years past. Since returning, Russ has totaled 846 yards, four TDs, and three INTs with two straight games without a TD. The game vs. Washington drew a lot of criticism for both Russ & Pete Carroll, with Wilson failing to hit an open DK Metcalf often, and only targeting him two times. The Seahawks have also failed to give Wilson any type of protection too. Their OL has ranked in the middle of the pack all season, with a couple of holes on their line still.

Pete Carroll hasn’t exactly been perfect either. After a 12-4 season last year, expectations were high for the Pete Carroll-lead team. Fast forward to now, they just can’t finish these games that they should be winning. Seattle has the weapons on the offense to be able to get it done, but after a while you may have to shift the blame over to the coaching staff. The Seahawks’ play calling & game management isn’t there this year, and that could be placed on the shoulders of Pete Carroll.

Seattle gave Jamal Adams a ridiculous amount of money (four year/$70M) for their defense to still be average, while Russell Wilson is out here running for his life, their defense is still giving up big plays, and they can’t get a pass rush going.

Seattle has proven in these last few drafts that they just can’t do it. Two names specifically are LJ Collier & Rashad Penny. Collier has played in 32 games in three years totaling three sacks, 29 tackles, four TFLs, and 11 QB hits. Penny, drafted in 2018, has also played in 32 career games, totaling 901 yards & five TDs.

Besides DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and maybe Chris Carson, the Seattle Seahawks have failed continuously to build a good roster around Russell Wilson in order for him to succeed. We could be in for another season full of trade questions around the All-Pro QB.


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