When will Matt Corral start?

Matt Corral was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2022 NFL draft. However, many knew he wouldn’t be ready to start year one and that he would need to sit a year. Carolina traded for Baker likely so he could start the 2022 season. So what about Corral? If Baker turns out to be good, what will that mean for Corral? I think the Panthers drafted Corral to be their QB of the future.

The reason Corral won’t start year one is clear: he simply ain’t ready. Having Baker Mayfield makes it a much easier choice to sit Corral. If Darnold was starting there would be a lot more talk about, but now Carolina has Baker. We all know Baker is a better quarterback to learn from than Darnold is. It’s a much easier choice to sit Corral and not rush him into starting.

Now, if Baker doesn’t perform to expectations then expect Corral to start in 2023. Though that may change if Carolina gets a high draft pick where they’re in range to get CJ Stroud or Bryce Young. If Baker does perform well and proves he can be a good quarterback in the league and Carolina resigns him, it becomes a whole different story for Corral.

With Baker re-signed then Matt Corral could easily find himself in the same shoes as Will Grier. If Baker is just what the Panthers need then expect Matt Corral to be a high-end backup in the NFL.

Why should we give Corral a chance if we didn’t give Grier one? Well, that’s because Corral and Grier’s situations are a lot different. Corral was a better prospect coming out of college. Many even said he was a first-round talent. Meanwhile, Will Grier was never considered to go in the first round. Ultimately, Corral was drafted to be a developmental QB and has a high ceiling than Grier.

I think that Baker does an alright job, winning around 6-8 games. In my opinion, though, that performance won’t get him resigned. Instead, Baker hits free agency while Corral has had a year to learn. Then, Corral gets the keys in 2023.

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