Worst Free Agent Signings

Teams aren’t strangers to making bad signings. Some might be desperate to sign that star player to turn their franchise around or making an unnecessary signing to an already stacked position. Today, I am looking at the worst free agency signings of the 2020 free agency period thus far.

Jimmy Graham

To be frank, Graham has been abysmal ever since he joined the Packers. He had 636 receiving yards 2 years ago and 447 receiving yards last season. In both his seasons, he has failed to score more than 4 touchdowns. This past season, Graham had 3 games with 0 yards and had 13 games with under 50 yards receiving.

So, why would you pay Graham 8 million a year when you could’ve spent 3 million more per year to sign a player like Austin Hooper, who is more consistent and younger? Graham is only getting older and his game relies on athleticism, which diminishes with age, not to mention, the Bears also have 10 tight ends currently on their roster and are paying Trey Burton 6.5 million per year. While I do believe Graham will have his moments, this is just a terrible signing by Nagy, as it doesn’t help this team at all.

Austin Hooper

This has nothing to do with Hooper’s abilities, but rather with the Browns’ needs. The Browns had the 23rd ranked offensive line last year, so Baker was constantly under pressure. I would have liked to see this money go elsewhere, preferably to the offensive line. Hooper isn’t the best blocker, so making him the highest paid player at his position would certainly raise some concerns.

With Landry, Beckham, and Chubb, Hooper would certainly be an after thought for Baker. Njoku dealt with injuries last season, but when healthy, he is one of the better tight ends in the NFL. It will be interesting to see what the Browns do with Njoku and how they will incorporate Hooper into their offense.

Trae Waynes

Wow, just WOW! With the Bengals only winning 2 games last season, they have a lot of holes to fill, but this isn’t the way to do it. They inked Waynes to a 3 year, 42 million dollar deal, which makes him the 6th-highest paid corner in the league.

Waynes’ 5-year career with the Vikings ended on a low note. In 2019, quarterbacks completed 74 percent of their passes when targeting him, throwing 5 touchdowns with a 107.9 passer rating when targeting him. Can Waynes revitalize his career in Cincinnati, or will just be another case of a cornerback being overpaid?

Melvin Gordon

Gordon turned down more money to sign with the Broncos, who are in the same division as the Chargers (revenge factor). This move makes no sense, as they already had Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman handling the load just fine.

Shurmur prefers to use one lead running back, and in the 2018-2019 season, Lindsay proved to play this role efficiently and effectively. According to PFF, Gordon has ranked outside the top 40 in their RB rankings for the past 2 seasons. This money could’ve been used elsewhere, especially at cornerback.

Andrus Peat

The Saints have had a great free agency so far, but this move is arguably one of the worst moves in free agency thus far. Peat, in the last two seasons, ranks 41 out of 41 at the left guard position. This means he’s one of the worst left guards in the NFL.

He’s also making over 10 million a year with 30 million guaranteed. This is just a boneheaded move by the Saints organization and unless they move him back to left tackle, this move will hurt the Saints in the long run.

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