Yankees acquire Andrew Benintendi

After being swept by the Mets on Wednesday, the Yankees went out and made a blockbuster trade for Andrew Benintendi.

The full trade:

  • Royals receive: Chandler Champlain, Beck Way, and T.J. Sikkema.
  • Yankees receive: Andrew Benintendi

The Yankees are struggling as of late. They cannot capitalize when it comes to runners in scoring position, and all around have cooled down. Benintendi is a huge piece coming into the lineup and is the contact hitter New York needed.

This season with the Royals, Benintendi is batting .320, 3 HRs, 39 RBIs, a .785 OPS, a .387 OBP, a .398 SLG, and a 123 OPS+. Benintendi is not a power hitter but hits for contact. He was the Royals’ best hitter this season and will definitely contribute a lot of runs wherever he is in the lineup.

The big question with Benintendi is his vaccination status. Currently, Benintendi isn’t vaccinated and is ineligible to play against the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada. But Jon Heyman gave Yankees fans good news, “Word is, Benintendi has told folks he will get the vaccination. Trade is final, so Yankees must believe he will.” This is huge news for the Yankees, as they play Toronto in September and could face them in the playoffs.

For the Royals, they are acquiring the Yankees’ #19 prospect T.J. Sikkema, #21 prospect Beck Way, and Chandler Champlain who is not a top 30 prospect in the Yankees farm system. The Royals added solid pitching prospects to their farm system.

This trade was a great trade for both the Royals and the Yankees. The Yankees got their contact hitter, who will drive in runs and play great defense in left field. For the Royals, they added three solid pitching prospects who will help them in the future.

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