Every NBA Team’s Best Free Agent: Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks: Tim Hardaway Jr. (player option), SG

Hardaway Jr was big for the Mavs last season and it’s assumed he will continue to be that impact scorer behind Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. He’ll probably make a lot more money opting in as well, so all signs point to another season with Dallas.

Prediction: Opt-in

Denver Nuggets: Jerami Grant, SF

The Nuggets have several key players hitting free agency this offseason, but Grant is the most valuable and will garner the most interest. He has already opted out of his contract, so the only thing left to ask is if he’ll accept a huge contract from Denver or a huge contract elsewhere.

Prediction: Huge contract from Denver

Golden State Warriors: None

The Warriors have no free agents, but they very well might try to trade Andrew Wiggins.

Houston Rockets: Austin Rivers (player option), G

Rivers has been solid for the Rockets in the last couple of years. With so much uncertainty surrounding Houston’s other guards, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, it would be wise for Rivers to opt out and get a bit more money from the Rockets. If they aren’t interested, he’ll have more suitors.

Prediction: Opts out and re-signs with Houston

Los Angeles Clippers: Montrezl Harrell, C

Harrell won the Sixth Man of the Year Award for a reason. The Clippers feed off of his energy and he helps make their bench one of the best in the league. However, he didn’t show up in the playoffs, and LA has five other key players hitting free agency this year and Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams becoming free agents next year. Harrell will likely get a lot more money somewhere else.

Prediction: Miami Heat

Los Angeles Lakers: Anthony Davis (player option), PF

The Lakers are going to have quite the offseason. Most of the team other than Lebron James and Kyle Kuzma are going to be free agents. Anthony Davis, however, is the team’s number one priority. No one expects him to leave the Lakers- at least not yet. Lebron turns 36 in December and has a player option after this season. Davis could commit to the long-term with LA and trust them to surround him with talent even after Lebron leaves, but it might be smarter for him to sign a one or two year deal with player options as insurance.

Prediction: 1+1 deal with the Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies: Josh Jackson, SF

Jackson hasn’t quite lived up to expectations, but he has produced. He was solid with both Phoenix and Memphis, on offense and especially defense. A good defender in the NBA will have interest, especially one with as much untapped potential as Jackson.

Prediction: Golden State Warriors

Minnesota Timberwolves: Malik Beasley, G

Beasley was solid for Denver off the bench and was great for Minnesota after being traded to the Timberwolves last season. Bench scorers are highly coveted by contenders, which the Timberwolves think they are. Beasley will have interest, but he will likely end up back in Minnesota.

Prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans: Brandon Ingram, SF

The main piece in the Anthony Davis trade last offseason, Ingram had his expected break-out season in his first year in New Orleans. 23-year-old all-stars are typically highly sought-after in the NBA, and Ingram will be no different. Expect a team like the Knicks to sign Ingram to a max offer sheet, but the Pelicans will match it.

Prediction: Pelicans match max offer sheet

Oklahoma City Thunder: Danilo Galinari, F

Galinari was one of the two best players that made the Thunder contenders last season. He was almost traded to Miami at the deadline last season, but Oklahoma City decided to keep him around to secure a playoff spot, which they did. Galinari is a great scorer and would be valuable to any team, especially one with room in their starting lineup for him. The Heat tried to get him once, so they’ll try again.

Prediction: Miami Heat

Phoenix Suns: Aron Baynes, C

Baynes had a great season when he wasn’t injured, and the Suns can finally be considered legitimate contenders with Chris Paul. Baynes has played some nice roles on really good teams and might have to do it again if he stays in Phoenix. The Suns are clearly trying to put together the best roster they can and keeping Baynes should be part of that.

Prediction: Phoenix Suns

Portland Trail Blazers: Carmelo Anthony, PF

After essentially being out of the league, Anthony had a fantastic season with Portland and was one of the reasons they got to the playoffs. He will definitely have interest from several other teams, but Anthony himself said that he hopes to remain in Portland, and the organization feels the same way.

Prediction: Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings: Kent Bazemore, SG

Bazemore is a great 3-point shooter for a not-so-great Kings team. Not a lot of players want to be in Sacramento, but anything can happen. Bazemore will have a good amount of interest elsewhere, and the Kings will be able to focus on developing or trading their young guys.

Prediction: New York Knicks

San Antonio Spurs: Bryn Forbes, SG

Forbes has been very good for the Spurs the last two seasons and it seems like Coach Poppovich appreciates what Forbes does, which is shoot the ball well and simply make good decisions. With DeMar DeRozan opting into his contract, San Antonio will try to be competitive for at least another season, so Forbes will probably stay with the Spurs.

Prediction: San Antonio Spurs

Utah Jazz: Jordan Clarkson, SG

Clarkson was excellent for the Jazz after being traded there from Cleveland last season. He showed off his great scoring abilities in the regular season and in the postseason. Utah will try to bring back Clarkson in free agency, but several other teams will show interest. Don’t be surprised if he is a Sixth Man of the Year candidate next season.

Prediction: Utah Jazz