Carlos “Boogie” Basham Scouting Report

Boogie is one of the harder guys to get a read on. He is a big physical guy, yet moves with such finesse and quickness for a player of his size. Some people have him going in the late first round, most people have him going in the second, few people even have him going in the third. Boogie has the versatility to play 4-3 DE, 3-4 DE, or 4-3 DT. Basham started all four years of college and shows good polish as a prospect.

College: Wake Forest

Position: Defensive Line

Number: #18/#9

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 285 lbs

2017 Stats: 11 games played/15 SOLO/24 TOTAL/2 TFL/0 Sacks

2018 Stats: 12 games played/36 SOLO/54 TOTAL/11 TFL/4.5 Sacks

2019 Stats: 13 games played/26 SOLO/57 TOTAL/18 TFL/11 Sacks

2020 Stats: 6 games played/20 SOLO/28 TOTAL/5.5 TFL/5 Sacks


1.Basham plays at a big weight but just look so light on his feet. On stunts he is moving faster than any one else in the trenches and also shows that he can evade hands and contort his body to fit through small gaps. It’s like watching football ballet.

2.Due to his four year experience, Basham is a player with high football IQ. He processes blocks well, sticks to his containment, and has great timing in regards to his rushes.

3.Boogie has one of the best pass rush skillsets in the draft. His moves are polished and he has great variety in his skill set. He is usually very prepared with his pass rush plan and if his first move fails, his second one won’t. This will be a very attractive quality to coaches.


1.Basham isn’t overly explosive by any means. He doesn’t have much pop off the line and despite being a quick player in pursuit, he doesn’t have a fast moving play style. He needs to work on timing and power off the line.

2.There is little to no bend with Boogie. He doesn’t play stiff but he does play with little dip, or leg bend. He is athletic enough to sprinkle in a little for dip into his game at the next level in order to get the most out of his skill set.


Boogie Basham is a polished pass rush prospect who is a favorite of mine. He plays the game like no one else in the draft and has highly desirable traits. Basham is a sound prospect who deserves more first round hype. Whether he will go that early or not is to be determined but if we are talking about the quality of the player, he deserves to go late in the first, especially when considering versatility and positional value.

Round Projection: Second Round

Pro Comparison: Cameron Jordan (strikingly similar)

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